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What's more scarier than dying?
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1. Choose some of your OC'S 
2. Make your OC'S answer these questions 
3. Tag other people 
4. Add one question of your own 

((Hmm, let's see, just some of them, right?))((I'm just going to follow you ^u^))

1: Sebastian Dakin (Demon High)
2: Kurai Hanran (Rise of Magi)
3: Pint Dakin (Demon High, Sebby's younger brother)
4: Jasper Blood (Soul Hunt)
5: Jack Night (Soul Hunt)
6: Derek Martian (Demon High)

And here goes the questions uvu : 

A- How old are you? 

Sebastian: About 26, maybe
Kurai: 17
Pint: 22
Jasper: 17
Jack: 17
Derek: 17

B- Do you want a hug?

Sebastian: No, I'm fine.
Kurai: No.
Pint: No thank you.
Jasper: Um, no.
Jack: No, thank you.
Derek: Not right now.

C- Have any bad habits?

Sebastian: No, I'm a perfect little angel. *devilish grin*
Kurai: Um, does dying like three times count?
Pint: Um, I can't think of any.
Jasper: My temper, I guess.
Jack: I can never lose at a card game.

D- You a virgin?

Sebastian: That's none of your business.
Kurai: Yes.
Pint: Yeah...
Jasper: Yeah
Jack: Most definitely, you joker. 
Derek: Yeah, or Sebastian would kill me.
Sebastian:  Damn right, I will. 

E- Have any kids?

All: No.

F- Favorite food or drink?

Sebastian: Well, I don't get to eat that much.
Kurai: Uh, I like any kind of meat. I love meat. But I love cola too.
Pint: Pocky
Jasper: Soulbucks have good coffee
Jack: Water is fine
Derek: Uh, I little candies....

G- Killed anyone?

Sebastian: Once, but he didn't stay dead....
Kurai: Not yet....
Pint: Well, not me, but I was controlling the guy who did.
Jasper: Nope
Jack: Nope
Derek: No....

H- Hate anyone?

Sebastian: Well, my older brother Crow.
Kurai: Not really.
Pint: Nope
Jasper: Um, well...
Jack: I'm easily to get along with, really. My partner though....
Derek: Well, I don't know if you would call him a person.....

I- Any secrets?

All: Not telling

J: Love anyone?

Sebastian: Well, no.
Kurai: Not yet.
Pint: No.
Jasper: There is one girl....
Jack: No.
Derek: I'm in a relationship....but for how long? 

K- what is your job?

Sebastian: Freeloader.
Kurai: Student.
Pint: I don't have one....
Jasper: Meister
Jack: Weapon
Derek: To be honest, I don't know. 

L- Favorite season?

Sebastian: Spring
Kurai: Spring
Pint: Spring
Jasper: Summer
Jack: Winter
Derek: Winter

M- Who's your best friend?

Sebastian: Well, I would call him an acquaintance.
Kurai: Clide, Iruka, and Fuzei. Oh, that new kid, forgot what his name was....
Pint: Well...I'm a loner....
Jasper: Well...
Jack: *smirks*
Derek: Victoria and Kyhber, I guess.  

-N Hobbies?

Sebastian: Pyromancy *smirk*
Kurai: Um, reading.
Pint: Flying. I love to fly with my wings.
Jasper: Sleeping.
Jack: Card games
Derek: Um, nothing really. 
O- what are you going to do when this tag is over?

Sebastian: Probably nothing to be honest.
Kurai: See if any of my friends are around...haven't seen them in a long time.
Pint: Fly, since I'm in the mood now.
Jasper: Hunt for a witch.
Jack: Hunt for a witch.
Derek: Sleep.

P- what is your eye color?

Sebastian: Red/Brown.
Kurai: Green
Pint: Grey/Purple
Jasper: Green
Jack: Yellow
Derek: Blue

Q- Are you good? Or Bad?

Everybody: Good.

R- If you could get anything right now what would it be?

Sebastian: Um, for Crow to be dead, I guess. 
Kurai: I have no idea.
Pint: Um, no idea.
Jasper: To turn Jack into a death scythe.
Jack: I guess to make my meister happy.
Derek: Now matter what I do, it won't be right.

S- What is your greatest fear?

Sebastian: Losing my contractors, I guess.
Kurai: Losing my memories.
Pint: Losing my voice again. I won't ever let that happen again. 
Jasper: Losing my soul.
Jack: Losing everything.
Derek: Losing what I have. I lost my family already....

T- does your name have a special meaning?

Sebastian: I have the same name as one of my cousins. Though he's stuck in London.
Kurai: Uh, I don't think so.
Pint: Crow was being a jerk.
Jasper: I really can't remember.
Jack: My family blood is lucky, and my name was unfortunate.
Derek: I don't think so.

V- Any siblings? 

Sebastian: One older brother, one older sister, and one older brother. I'm somewhat the middle child.
Kurai: Not that I know of, or remember.
Pint: I have two older brothers, and one older sister. I'm the youngest.
Jasper: Not that I know of, or remember.
Jack: One older brother.
Derek: I had an older brother....but he was killed....

W- where do you live? 

Sebastian: Currently, Demon High, in a bird cage.
Kurai: The Institute
Pint: Uh, I come and go....
Jasper/Jack: Death City and/or Death Weapon Meister Academy.
Derek: Demon High

X- Do you find yourself attractive?

Sebastian: *smirk* Hell yeah.
Kurai: I guess so.
Pint: I think so.
Jasper: Heh, yeah.
Jack:  I honestly have no opinion. 
Derek: Well, I do have a girlfriend. 

Y- what's the stupidest thing you've ever pulled of?

Sebastian: My life.
Kurai: Oh, just go ask Clide.
Pint: Um, well....
Jasper: Getting locked inside the sport room.
Jack: Honestly, no idea.
Derek: Too much to say. 

Z- say bye~!!

All: Bye

:iconcreator-chan:'s Question: what's the shipping name~? (that's if your oc is shipped)
Ryuu: In this case, the ship name is....oh...wait a sec...  Seiya, Mephisto....  MephSei?

As for my question, I think mine would have to be: What is your preferred weapon of choice, if any?

:icondeidara-clone:'s Question: What is your preferred weapon of choice, if any?

Sebastian: Hell fire.
Kurai: Fire/Wand
Pint: Hell fire.
Jasper: Jack?
Jack: The witch-hunter slash.
Derek: My sword, Chain-Reaction. 

My question: What kind of species are you--like demon or human?

I tag:

Do if you want.

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