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Stolen from :icondeidara-clone:

OC Number Replacement Meme: Pirate Ship

While doing this meme, please don't look ahead or change the questions; that spoils the fun!

Choose 10 Characters:

1. Sebastain Dakin
2. Kurai Hanran
3. Chaud Blaze
4. Pint Dakin
5. Derek Martin
6. Jasper Blood
7. Jack Knight
8. Soul [Rise of Magi]
9. Fang Nightvale 
10. Echo


Your OCs have been abducted by pirates and are now prisoners aboard their ship. 

1.  [5], [9], and [4] are all in a barred room together. Are any of them able to pick the lock or open the door?

Derek: Well, this is just great. Hey, Pint, can't you poof us out?

Pint: The last boy who said that, died.

Derek: . . .

Soul: Can we figure out a way out of here? Instead of trying to kill each other?!

Pint: I don't see you doing anything Pyro....

Soul: Do you want me to burn down the ship?!

Pint: No, I want to get out of here! Alive.

2.  What about the others?(The rest are all together.)

Sebastian: I can hear Pint screaming about something....

Kurai: Soul's mad...that's never good...for me....

Chaud/Echo/Jasper/Fang: I'm hungry....

Jack: Anyone for a game of cards?

Jasper: Shut the hell up....

3.  Whatever happens, [3] gets out of the prison. They bring [9] and [6] with them and sneak up behind the pirate guarding the exit to the hold. What does each character want to do to get him out of the picture? What method do they agree on? Describe the scene.

Fang: What do you suppose?

Jasper: Dunno, reap his soul? You're the teach!

Fang: But he's not on Shinigami-san's list!

Jasper: They kidnapped us, locked us in this cell! I'm pretty sure their souls are close to Kishin level!

Fang: . . .shut up, and just do Soul Response. That's an order.

4.  Ouch. [9] then unlocks the prison and lets out anyone who is still trapped, and [3] dons the pirate's garments. He/she is now the group's double agent. Good idea? Or bad one?

Fang: There you go. What the that?

Chaud: I think he was a trans. *looks down*

Sebastian: Yeah, you can easily tell by the little hearts on the butt.


Sebastian: And you totally copied my wardrobe before, so this new image suits you. *smirks*

Chaud: I'll kill you....

Sebastian: I would love to see you try. But, unfortunately, we are running out of time.

5.  [3] grabs [6] and takes them upstairs as a fake prisoner. Will [6] give them away? Or are they good at playing along? How does [3] make sure they'll behave?

Jasper: Are you serious? Why me? Why couldn't you take the other blonde? He's shorter.

Chaud: Shut up. And just play along, please?

Jasper: Fine, I just hope you know how to run fast, jump, and avoid swords.

Chaud: Don't worry, I can take care of myself. Besides, I already died about three times already.

Jasper: . . .

6.  Meanwhile, [7] and [10] have managed to pry open a porthole window. [7] tries to climb out the window. Do they fit? Does [10] need to squish them through? Or do they need to widen the opening? How does this work out?

Echo: See ya!

Jack: Wait. What are you going to do once you get out? It's not like you can fly....

Echo: I'll get help.

Jack: How?

Echo: *jumps out*

7.  [8] is rummaging through piles of rusty junk at the back of the hold, trying to findsome weapons. Well, they found some- but they've badly cut their arm on the rusty  edges! What do they do?

Soul: This is just great! There's so much blood.... I wonder if one of those idiots can heal....

8.  Someone must remove their shirt for [8]'s arm so they don't bleed to death. Who is willing to do this? [2] or [5]? Describe this scene.

Kurai: *strips off jacket and black shirt* *puts on jacket back on* *holds out shirt to Soul* Here, professor.

Soul: Thanks, Kurai...wait, can't you...?

Kurai: Oh, right! I forgot.

<Kurai holds his Professor's hands, and ignites them with fire. After 10 seconds, he extinguishes the flames and sees that Soul's hands are completely healed, making them look 5 years younger!>

9.  Upstairs, [3] has run into the ship's captain. He suspects nothing. But he decides to take [6] as his wife!!!(If [6]'s a male, make it [3] instead. If they both are...oh well!) How does the other react as the captain leads his future bride away?

Chaud: Jasper, help meeeee.....

Jasper: I will remember your soul.

10.  The captain locks the poor character in his quarters, and leaves. What do they do? Can they escape?

Chaud: Crap, crap, crap! What am I going to do?!

Chaud: (Wait a minute...I'm a half vampire!)

Chaud: *eyes go deep* Alright, I'm going to rip out your throat. It's a good thing I'm hungry.

11.  [7], who has climbed out the window, manuvered themselves up onto the deck. They encounter a deckhand. What are they most likely to do? Try to make friends and avoid conflict, or attack?

Echo: *jumps up, and hovers in the air with bat wings extended* Why didn't I take the kid with me?

12. Whatever [7] does, the deckhand is nice, and decides they like [7]. They are going to protect [7] in the fight to come.

Echo: *sits on the pillar and watches as the bloodbath unfolds* Why does this always happen....?

13.  [8] hands out weapons. [10], [4] and [1] get swords. Are they going to be good fighters?

Echo: I'm not a very good fighter. 

Pint: I don't think I can touch silver...and I like to avoid violence.

Sebastian: Oh shut up, and hide in a barrel then! And no, metal doesn't burn you! It's just that Winchester brat never misses

Soul: What was that, Sebastian?

Sebastian: Oh, nothing! Just trying to protect my younger brother! *sweats*

14.  [3], [6], and [7] are already upstairs. [8], [10], [4], and [1] barge upstairs and scream a battle cry. What happens next?

Sebastian: Oh, you guys are here...? *glares at Soul* Thanks for inviting us to a late party!

Pint: *looks at the bloody scene of death* What exactly happened....?

Echo: *sigh* One person saw me, and went on a massacre. But Jasper killed him.

Jasper: I just knocked him overboard. Hey, he could be a good swimmer.

Echo: Yeah, he probably swimmed into some sharks.

15.  [9], [5], and [2], who are still down in the hold, are fixing up an old cannon, when that guard they knocked out earlier wakes up and rushes at them. [2] or [5] still does not have their shirt on. What happens?

Kurai: Oh crap! *ducks and rolls into Chaud*

Chaud: Get off me! *pushes Kurai off of him, forgetting about his vampric strength, all the way to the other side of the room*

Kurai: You're going to get it! But you're lucky I don't have my wand with me! *ignites fire in the guards eyes* But I am still pissed off.

Fang: *stares in horror* (And I thought Jasper was violent....)

16. Upstairs, the battle was won by the pirates. The captain tells everyone to walk the plank- except for their bride! He asks them to stay with him! What does the character do?

All but Sebastian: *Gulp*

Sebastian: *Groan*

17.  [8] is the first to walk off the plank. Write about them trying to spin this out as long as possible.

Soul: I wouldn't try that....*snaps fingers* *fireballs ignite at random on the ship*

18.  It doesn't work. everyone has walked the plank and are in the water, when [2] emerges from the hold with the cannon! He/she shoots it at the captain while [9] and [5] run around the back...Can [2] escape into the water?

Kurai: I can make my own cannons, but I'm too pissed off! Why is everything on fire....?

Fang: Where are the others?

19. Suddenly [9] and [5] come around the side of the ship- rowing the lifeboat! Everyone piles in. There isnt enough room! They have to leave someone behind? Who do they choose?

Sebastian: Well, Derek, I'm going to enjoy this more than you will ever know.

Derek: What? What are you-gak

Sebastian drives his hand through Derek's chest and heart, with his hand ignited with flames. Derek erupts in flames, and then turns to ashes.

Pint: Sebasitan?! What THE HELL DID YOU DO?!

Sebastian: Don't worry, he's not dead. Not yet, anyway. It was a wonderful way to transport. And guess what?

Pint: W-what?

Sebastian: *smirk* Your turn.

Pint: N-No! *flies off into the air*

Sebastian: What a baby! *flies off after Pint*

Echo: don't have a portal do you?

Fang: Do you have a mirror?

20.  Now tag someone! Or describe how the person who was left behind feels...

Um...I don't really know who to tag even though I want to.  I guess if you got a ton of OCs, I highly suggest doing this :3

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